Boss UP Collection by Kinetics

You are that one who sets the direction of your own life. Boss Up and make some changes – courage and empathy will be your biggest steps forward.

In each of us lives desire – to prove ourselves, to do something we have never done and set goals does not always mean trophies on a pedestal, but it means all that way which led you to the very first moment when you opened your eyes on a sunny morning and realized you’re gonna Fly High.

Inspire and accept others, dare and provocate, hear and be heard. Just don’t hide that Adrenaline Blush; it suits you perfectly. Dare to be yourself, even if you are an outsider. Soon you will find your real soulmates. It takes time, but you will fix it, ‘cause She Fix it, always.

Never-ending struggles with your ego and common passions sometimes lead to sharp feelings. But you own the moment. Get that Flame Fameand Get *Red* Done.

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Roots Spring 2020 SolarGel Mini Kit


SolarGel g Mini Display

  • 8 pcs.  Colors
  • 2 pcs. SolarGel Top Coats
  • Mini Display
  • Color Chart
  • Collection Look Book
  • Kinetics



Misty White

The color of silence shortly before the storm. The moment of concentration, when the mind is free of unnecessary emotions and anxiety no longer matters. You are ready to go and play by your own rules; all you need is to hear that starter pistol. Now is the time. You are the storm, and you will lead the direction.


Sunray Yellow

Fresh as morning vigor, this shade will be your power bank. A color that stands for happiness and positive energy. Imagine the first rays of sun: uplifting, right? Look up in the sky and get your daily dose of confidence boost.


Hot Orange

Seeking motivation? Here you go – an encouraging shade of flame will set on fire the mood of any adventurous soul. An independent and strong color that inspires and stimulates for fascinating yet dangerous exploring and crazy memories.


Peach Pink

Use the healing energy of this color for your own good. The color of sensitivity shows your inner struggles and how feminine you actually are by challenging yourself. Don’t hide that adrenaline blush on your cheeks that fits so good on you.


Neon Pink

The color of passion could be playful, sweet, and even dangerous sometimes. How often have you been with a cute, innocent smile but never lost that sparkle of how crazy you can be when going all in? Wonder why this shade is so popular in beauty pageants?

#434 BOSS UP

Magenta Purple

A bit mystery, some sensitivity, and courage – well, that is a respectful recipe. Soul food, also known as a spiritual boost. Hustle with this boss shade and build your empire to inspire others. Wear to be the #girlboss – let them see who runs the parade.


Warning Red

No excuses. This color does not accept inactivities. Just get things done! No drama here, just pay attention and make a clear statement – independent, strong, and feminine, exactly how it should be to accomplish changes! This red inspires desire and creates urgency. Stay noticeable.

#436 SHE FIX

Light Turquoise Blue

The shade of trust and loyalty: calming blue. Cool as skies and deep as oceans, the same could be said about our girl gang who founded the SHE FIX movement with this specific shade, promoting the power of ladies in extreme sports. Share your attitude and take responsibility for your own life, as you have imagined wearing this independent shade.